Norms and Standards

We manufacture polished precision plastic balls from 2 mm to 100 mm in all common diameters.

The following size tolerance and shape accuracy apply to our standard diameters for ground plastic balls made of PA, POM, PP, PTFE, PEEK and PUR:

Diameter Diameter tolerance Roundness
to 9,9 mm +0,05 mm
-0,05 mm
0,05 mm
10–29,9 mm +0,15 mm
-0,15 mm
0,10 mm
30–60 mm +0,20 mm
-0,20 mm
0,20 mm
> 60 mm +0,25 mm
-0,25 mm
0,25 mm

If these standard tolerances are unsufficient for your application, please send us a detailed enquiry by e-mail.

Special diameters and other materials are possible when ordering adequate.