Plastic Balls

Plastic balls are:

  • light
  • quiet
  • stainless
  • partially resistant to chemicals
  • antimagnetic
  • electrically non-conductive

These outstanding characteristics and the constant redevelopment of high-performance plastics made it possible for plastic balls to conquer the technical market in recent years.

Due to the large number of different types of plastic, it is rarely a problem to find the right plastic ball for any kind of application.

Here are some examples of the many tasks that plastic balls, made by Hoch KG, fulfil:

  • Seals
    pumps, valves, dosing systems
  • Bearings
    axial bearings, linear guides, drawer guides
  • Water level indicator
    coffee machines, irons
  • Medicine
    object slides
  • Polishing balls
  • Filtering balls

The choice of the suitable plastic plays a very important part for the balls to optimally fulfil their tasks.

Under the heading Plastics you will find the plastics that we process as a standard feature in our factory. The table will help you to find the most suitable material for your application.

In this important material decision, we are happy to assist you with our broad knowledge and decades of experience and are always on hand with help and advice for you.

However, the processing of unusual plastics is always a new challenge for us, which we are glad to accept for you.

Call or write us an e-mail, we are happy to help you!

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